We at PHWMCC believe that one of the most underpinning aspects of excellent quality care and education is the partnerships that are developed between families and educators. We believe that strong partnerships develop a sense of trust and confidence, and most importantly a sense of belonging.

We place great value on the time we make available for families throughout the day. We provide opportunities for open sharing of information, believing that these warm trusting relationships, ultimately benefits the children in our care. We have an open door policy and are available for families to visit at any time of day.

At PHWMCC we provide multiple opportunities for our families to experience, share and contribute to their child’s preschool experience in ways that are meaningful to them. This may include sharing their occupation, their hobbies, skills, interests, culture, stories, gardening, cooking, music and so much more.

We believe in continuous communication and collaboration as we work in partnership to set learning outcomes for each child. We recognise the need to be aware, listen and provide support to enhance children’s needs interests and strengths. We acknowledge and provide opportunities for families to share in decision making in order to enrich each child’s learning through their early years.

At PHWMCC we value the role of families as partners in the running of the Preschool. As a non profit organisation we are governed by a volunteer Management Committee made up of parents of our preschool. Our Parent’s Club is a sub committee of the Management Committee and its aim is to provide social activities to our families at preschool. Some of these activities may include a fundraising aspect to them, although this is not the focus.  All parents are welcome to be part of these two committees.