At PHWMCC we aim to embed sustainable practices into our everyday practice. Over recent years we have recognised the importance of building a generation of children who realise the significance of caring for and protecting their environment. In partnership with our families and children we have developed practices that support sustainable living.

These include:

  • Solar panels on our roof
  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • A lovely natural outdoor environment
  • Worm farms, where children help to feed the worms each day
  • Compost bins
  • Teaching children to sort their rubbish into food scraps, recyclable products, soft plastics and landfill
  • Rain water tank to be used for watering our gardens
  • Using paper offcuts from local printing
  • Encouraging children in the wise use of paper, water, paper towels, electricity
  • Allowing children to take responsibility for turning off lights when not in the room
  • Wise use of natural air flow
  • Many discussions on how we all need to be responsible for our world
  • Investigations and experiments related to sustainable living
  • Using recycled products in craft activities – eg boxes, yoghurt containers
  • Purchasing sustainable equipment
  • Utilising natural and recycled resources whenever possible
  • Using sustainable cleaning products
  • Encouraging “nude food” – food without packaging
  • Being a collection point for household batteries and printer and toner cartridges

All of these sustainable practices help to create a culture where children are encouraged to care for and respect the environment around them.