Learning Environments

The physical environment at the Pennant Hills War Memorial Children’s Centre is one of our great assets. We are lucky to have a huge double block for outdoor play that is naturally shaded in summer. Great care is taken daily to provide a stimulating and creative learning play-space which is inviting and encourages children to enter it. Natural elements such as the deciduous and flowering trees, and numerous garden beds also form an essential backdrop to this enchanting space.

The space engages with the children’s natural curiosity and they are encouraged to explore, question and discover. We allow children to initiate their own play ideas with the help of provocations, visual images and  equipment, and take great pride in the variety of inside and outside play materials that we provide.

Each preschool day is divided into periods of inside and outside time. The activities provided are diverse and aim to cater for all the children’s needs and interests. Children are free to explore and interact with a variety of materials and experiences.