Each classroom is equipped with a large selection of equipment and materials that children can choose from throughout the day. The classrooms are divided into areas, where the children can play individually or in small groups, and floorspace where the children gather together as a whole class for group experiences.

Each classroom has an abundance of natural light, carpeted areas and ‘mess tolerant’ areas, along with tables and chairs that are arranged throughout the day to suit what-ever the current activity may be. Each classroom also has its own adjoining communal bathroom, with child-sized toilets and hand washing basins.

The equipment available in each classroom includes a range of mediums for children to express their creativity – paint, glue, boxes, sticky tape, play dough, clay, collage materials, pencils, textas, etc.  There is a always a selection of puzzles and games, blocks and construction equipment, books, and imaginative play. There is opportunity to investigate nature, explore science and develop dispositions for learning.