Consent to Provide Information

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Dear Families

Pennant Hills War Memorial Children's Centre is funded by the NSW State Government and every year as part of our funding agreement we are required to complete a census. The Department of Education and Communities use the data collected to determine how much funding the Pre-school will receive the following year.

Within this data collection the Department of Education and Communities ask the
Pre-school for information such as the child’s name (first name), date of birth, how long they have been enrolled in the Pre-school, what fee they pay for each day, how many days and hours a week they are enrolled in pre-school and if they have any specific needs or learning requirements (such as English as a second language or a developmental delay etc).

We are required by the privacy laws to obtain written consent from each parent that we have your permission to collect this data and send it through to the Department of Education and Communities.

It is important that a parent read and sign the consent form attached and return to Preschool. This information is used to determine how much funding we receive so please make this a priority and complete the form and return it ASAP.

Thank you



Jill Crispe