Ongoing Excursion Permission

Dear families,

As part of our curriculum we may at times see an opportunity outside of the preschool that would benefit the children. To do this we require your permission. Our intent would be that if an opportunity came up we could spontaneously take the children outside the gate. Some examples would be to post a letter at the letterbox on Stevens St,  to walk to Wollundry Park to collect some sticks or leaves, to watch any work being done down the road, to observe gardens, numbers on letterboxes, or to simply go for a walk.  We also at times have the Fire Brigade come and visit and they park in our car park out the front and we go out to see the Fire Truck.

This permission slip covers the block of Shields Lane, Willis Ave, Stevens St and Werona St, as well as the laneway behind the preschool and the Western end of Wollundry Park (i.e. the end furthest from Yarrara Rd as per the diagram). If we decided to go on any other excursion we would get you to fill out a separate permission slip for this.

I give permission for my child
to attend regular outings from Pennant Hills War Memorial Children’s Centre. These outings will be within walking distance of the preschool and will not cross any major roads or involve transportation. All educators attending the walks will have current First Aid certificates. The ratio of children to adults will be 5:1.

A risk assessment has been prepared and is available to be viewed at the Preschool.
Should you wish a copy of the completed form