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Every year at preschool we choose a different group to support for Christmas.

In the last month we have been talking with the children about the drought and how that impacts farmers and people in country towns who are running out of water. We have discussed our responsibility to be wise care takers of our land and to  use our own water here in Sydney wisely. We have discussed the water restrictions in place and made a decision to not use any water for water play. The children have understood this and been great at reminding one another!

So… in light of all of this, we got in contact with Dunedoo Community Preschool  and asked if there is any way we can support them and their families. The main industry is farming and as we are all aware, many of these families are doing it tough. 

What we are asking is just a small thing, but will actually just be a bit of a help to the 50 children and their families as they prepare for Christmas  and school next year.

We would like to collect:

Card games suitable for 5 year old children

We will package these up as a gift pack for the children

We also want to raise $3000 to buy a voucher for each family to use in Dunedoo local businesses.  You can do this through clicking on the link here Dunedoo Preschool & Community Christmas Collection

Please share this link with your friends & family as I’m sure there will be many who would love to support a worthy cause and can do so in a meaningful way for both the Dunedoo community & also our own preschool children.

We will be talking with the children about this, and would love them to be involved in this act of kindness. One of the things we have talked about this year is wellbeing, and how having a purpose bigger than ourselves gives us all a true sense of joy.

We chose Dunedoo as it is a driveable distance away and we want to deliver this in person. Also we thought the children would just like the name of the town!!

We will place a collection box in the office and will keep you informed of the tally  so we don’t get too many drink bottles or card games / books.

We thankyou in advance for supporting this endeavour!!

Christmas Concert Details 2019!

Not long now till the Big Night! Tues 3 December 2019. Please note important details for Concert Night:

5pm Arrival for sausage sizzle dinner

6.10pm Children to to their classrooms

6.20pm – 6.50pm Christmas Concert