Pennant Hills War Memorial Children’s Centre is an incorporated association that is managed by a volunteer committee made up of parents of the preschool.

The Management Committee is an elected parent-based committee that works in partnership with the Director to administer the Preschool. The Annual General Meeting is held in February or March each year and the Management Committee, elected at the AGM, hold monthly meetings during the year.

The Management Committee oversees the running of the Preschool and is the Approved Provider of the Preschool. All parents have valuable knowledge, experience and skills to contribute and they ensure that the Preschool is run effectively and that the needs of the families associated with the preschool are continually met.

Each family attending the preschool is automatically a member of the association as a $16.50 membership fee is included in your First Term fees (in accordance with the Preschool’s Objects and Rules of the Association). This membership entitles all parents to stand for positions on the Management Committee and/or the Parents Club at the Annual General Meeting held each February/March.

As a community based Preschool, we welcome any contribution that parents are able to make and encourage families to be active participants in the preschool community.